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Holy Spicoli
Holy Spicoli is a project that has been rocking for over 8 years with several musician changes along the way. The current line up was part of a re-birth of the band and is now back to full strenght. This is the music they all grew up to and still love today and you will be able to tell how excited they are by the performance that they give. High energy, party & dance is a great way to sum it all up. Take a look at the diverse list of songs on the media page for a better understanding.
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Joann Wolfe - Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals
Influences are way too many to list.
Joann has been singing for many years in many different projects and grew up singing in church and for other special events. Joann's voice will blow you away when she starts singing. You will have chills when she belts out songs you have learned to love.
Bryan McQuade - Bass Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Warwick & Music Man Stingray Basses - Ampeg SVT Amplification - Live Wires IEM, Sennheiser wireless.
Influences include Winger, Motley Crue, Megadeath, Aldo Nova as well as The Sweet, Led Zepplin, Frank Zappa and many others that include country artists as well.
Bryan has been singing his entire life starting with school and church choirs and started lead singing in a band in the mid 80's with White Wolf. He wanted to expand so he picked up a bass and has been playing ever since. Other bands include Unameus, Spectra, Consensual Six, Whitewolf and a few others.
Ken Welch - Drums & Backing Vocals
Yamaha Electronic Drums
Influences include Led Zepplin, Rush, Iron Maiden and many others.
Ken has been playing the Columbus music scene for years with many different projects along the way. He is an accomplished drummer who can keep up with the best of them.
Jason Greenwald - Keyboards, Lead & Rthym Guitar, Lead & Backing Vocals
Ibanez, Line 6
Influences that range from country to thrash.
Jason is part of many projects in Mid Ohio that range from pop styles to polka. He sings in an original thrash band as well as playing for 6 Foot Blonde. He also sings in an Rush tribute band and can be seen playing in the Columbus area.
Walt James - Lead & Rthym Guitar, Backing Vocals
Fender, Marshall
Influences are mostly 70's music that he grew up playing.
Walt hails from Columbus, Ohio and spends his days teaching guitar, piano and many other instruments. A very accomplished guitarist that can wail away or play the melodic sounds of jazz. He has played with many bands over the years including touring with some very heavy hitters.
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